I'm Desiree Taylor – Holistic Health & Lifestyle Coach 

My journey to true health and happiness has been long, sometimes hard, always evolving,  but the best thing that has ever happened to me! A gift from the universe I like to call it…..my personal awakening!

4 years ago I was living what I thought was a great, "healthy" life....


I was playing elite level hockey, partying like a rock star and working ridiculously hard, all whilst ignoring the constant colds, flus, allergies and stomach problems I had and I masked my underlying symptoms of anxiety and depression, with food and alcohol addiction. My life was fueled by processed foods, caffeine, sugar, very little sleep, no self-love and I raced through life at one hundred miles an hour!Living this ‘burn and churn lifestyle’ with no-regard for what I was putting into my body and no self-worth brought my world crashing down to a complete stop….literally a stop!


I could not get out of bed for months, I could not wash my own hair or walk to the toilet without my heart racing like I had run a marathon……I had developed chronic fatigue syndrome accompanied with underlying adrenal fatigue, gut and hormone disorders.


Despite multiple doctors and hospital visits, no-one could help me so I decided to take things into my own hands and embarked on a journey to help heal myself!

Now let me show you how you can become the best version of yourself, symptom free....living the life you deserve!

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