February 15, 2018

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Life is about the journey, not the destination...

November 15, 2017


Life is about the journey, not the destination...

Hi Beautiful,

I am back!!!

After 4 months of adjusting to my new role in motherhood, I am pleased to announce that I am back working and ready to take on new clients again through my one on one coaching.

Wow..what a ride it has been!

Like with anything new that you take on or any big change in your life, the journey has so far been challenging but completely worth it. Change is challenging and sometimes can be a long process but nothing great in life is ever easy and struggles often have to be overcome and lessons learnt in order for the light to shine brightly. I feel so privileged to be on this journey and heading into the next chapter of my life.

The last 4 months have really reinforced the power of foods to nourish, protect and energise the body during times of stress and the importance of practicing forgiveness, self-love, gratitude and acceptance! Most importantly it has reminded me yet again that life truly is all about the journey and not the destination. It is about being present in the everyday moments whether they be sad, happy, tricky, bad, joyous or anything else and experiencing them whole heartedly so we can learn and evolve in the ways we need to for the better.

So often we can look into the future and say to ourselves...

"I will be happy when...." or
"It will be better when...."
"Things would be better, if only..."

This type of chatter can cause stress in the body both physically and mentally. Not accepting your current circumstances as they are and instead judging them or focusing on the end result, can bring about unnecessary anxiety or pressures on the way things "should" be rather than enjoying and relishing in the blessings that are......

I learnt this lesson hard and fast when I was bed ridden with chronic fatigue.  Until I accepted my new circumstances and showed gratitude for what I was able to still do and what I still had rather than focus on what should have been or my future goals, was I only then able to truly heal and be happy.

I was also recently reminded of the power and value of acceptance when I had Phoenix (my baby). Especially in those tough early weeks, I was so focused at times of just getting to the goal of the 6 week mark or 12 week mark when things should get easier, that little did I realise I was snapping more often and lost my natural joy for the everyday moments of life. Unconsciously I was choosing to not be happy until 12 weeks, when he slept more or until he spaced his feeds out etc. etc. Only by re-focusing myself on accepting my everyday circumstances as they were and not projecting too much into the future or how things should be, was I able to find the joy in my days and chose happiness at each moment, rather than wait for the perfect circumstances.

So whatever your situation might be at present, whether it be great, happy, challenging or tragic. If you cannot change your circumstances, why not practice accepting them? Start daily with accepting the present moment for what it is rather than what it should be and start enjoying the journey of life rather than focusing on an end destination or goal. There is always beauty to be found in everything and always a lesson to be learnt, so enjoy the ride!


Desiree xx

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