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"When I contacted Desiree I was in the worst possible head space of my life! I had so much self-hatred towards myself. I was overweight, had no self-love or self-worth and I wanted to crawl into a hole and never get out! When we started our journey together, she asked me for 3 goals, which were to lose weight, feel better about myself and be happy. What I loved about Desiree was her empathy and genuine understanding of how I felt. Her approach was never to eat healthy and exercise (I hate when people tell me to do this!), her approach was to understand my behaviors and thoughts around these things. Turns out she’s more than a health coach, she’s a life coach, counselor and downright beautiful woman! She taught me new habits instead of trying to fix old habits (which meant my old habits disappeared without me having to try) and she taught me to love myself and to stand proud in my self-worth. She has helped with correcting my many stomach problems and she has helped me to fall in love with life again! My journey isn’t over, turns out it was never about the weight loss for me (all though that’s been a bonus). It’s about my journey with health, fitness and overall well being. I have changed so many aspects of my life for the better that I could never look back.If you want a tangible change in your life, something you can measure and see results with, speak to Desiree. She gets it. Actually gets it. Whatever it is you are going through in your life. She has been through her own ups and downs to be able to connect on an emotional and spiritual level and help you through your battles. I have already recommended family and they’ve also signed up with Desiree! Why wouldn’t they? She’s the best!" 

Samantha Haddad, Client Relations Manager 

"My top three goals upon starting the 3-month program were; To release myself from sugar addictions, to control my digestion, take control of my life. My coach was able to help me work toward these goals by; Teaching me a new way of thinking, that does just consist of helping me lose weight but the overall balance of  my whole life, what I want out of it, nurturing myself. I now know the universe has my back, and where ever I am in my life I am where I should be. I love this quote. I love the calm and concise way in which Des describes everyday things, that would normally make me fearful. Embrace the fear and roll with it.  I quit my job and I’m going traveling! And have signed up to a nutrition course which can open plenty of doors.  I have got control of my eating, my sugar cravings, my alcohol addiction, beginning to sort out my digestion, and know only I can control what I put in my mouth. There are other things that make me happy other than junk food. Like releasing myself from a toxic job/people. There is so much I have received from Des, the best being that to change the way you think, can literally change your life. That every facet of your life affects who you are, not just what you eat. I still have changes to make but I have made so many positive ones since meeting her. Numerous people have said I have a glow / light about me now, and how they love to hang with me because I’m so positive."

Becca Soons - Freelance Graphic Designer  

“Upon starting the 3 month program I wanted to gain control of my panic/anxiety attacks, heal my gut, feel less exhausted. Desiree helped me face my fears and talk about past issues, gave me space to express my fears, giving me tools to deal with anxiety. She gave me advice for health supplements that actually worked! Helped me realize I am a good person and suggested sleep apps and affirmations. The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been that I am calmer and have more energy. My anxiety is manageable! Desiree is kind, gentle, easy to talk to, knowledgeable and supportive (and has a great laugh!). I would recommend Desiree to; Anxiety sufferers, Coeliac sufferers, Super mums who feel they don’t do enough! Desi has changed my whole outlook on the way I view myself and my health. If you are feeling overwhelmed with life and your health constantly lets you down I would recommend a consultation with Desi. What a wonderful journey I have been on to find my peace and energy again. Desi’s suggestions were always manageable, came from knowledge and experience and were expressed with compassion. If, like me, you needed someone to really support you holistically to find your way again, contact Desi. Life is good again.”

Janette B. Teacher  

“My top three goals upon starting the 3-month program were; Control my PMT and mood swings that I have with my period, Improve my relationship with my long term boyfriend, Understand that a job and finding the ‘right’ job is the be all and end all in my life and what defines me as a person. Desiree helped provide me with the tools to gain a new perspective on my thinking – getting me to concentrate on my health and mental wellbeing first and allow everything else to fall into place. Getting me to eliminate gluten from my diet which turns out has a huge effect on my mental wellbeing/state of mind. Introducing me to ways to cleanse my gut which in turn has had an effect on my mental wellbeing/state of mind. My PMT symptoms have decreased dramatically and I am more emotionally/mentally stable. I came to Desiree quite desperate and in need of help to control my emotions, particularly around the time of my periods. My relationship with my long term partner was close to finishing because of how I was. Desiree guided me both emotionally and with a new diet. I now feel like I have everything under control and I’m able to use the tools that she’s given me to continue on my own.”

Kate Hewitt – Creative Designer

"The biggest change I've noticed in myself since beginning the program would have to the way I am feeling. I mean I have my ups and downs like anybody but most days I feel great. I've realised what foods are good for me and what foods are just not right for my body. I've started taking better care of my body since been given the appropriate knowledge, advice and recommendations. I've done what has been right for my body and been able to feel fantastic, a feeling I had not felt for somewhat years. I would describe Desiree as being inspirational and motivational. There wasn't a time that I walked away from a session with Desiree  and thought wow this is going to be a challenge but the right tools are given and believe that I can do definitely do it. Not only was Desiree there for me during our sessions she was also only a phone call away and I could send regular emails.  To me this was the best support I could have received. 

I would recommend my coach to anyone who has irritable bowel syndrome. I may not be completely healed but I am definitely on my way. I have never felt better. Honestly before meeting Desiree I believed I would be feeling like this forever, in pain and sick and was at point in life where I felt like I didn't know where to turn next. So for me I feel like I was blessed to have met Desiree and at the right time and point in my life. I would like to take the time  to write this testimonial as  I have feel I have improved 95 per cent with just 3 months of working with Desiree. I truly believe that in that 3 months I have gained a new perspective, my attitude has changed for the better as well as becoming more positive. I was given all the correct tools to do so.

It all started in April 2012. My lower stomach was cramping and I was in so much pain for 5 days before going to the Dr and then hospital. I was scared, worried didn't know what was happening with my body. I couldn't control the pain. A lot of tests were done with a lot of waiting. I was always seeing a different doctor which meant a lot of explaining needed to be done. I couldn't tell you how many times I had been to hospital with being discharged and no answers could be told. I had surgery where my appendix was removed. In actual fact I don't need my appendix removed as it was perfectly healthy.  

Months and months went on where the pain would be unbearable causing me to end up in hospital. I spent my birthday in hospital. That didn't bother I just wasn't getting any answers which was really worrying. I believed at one point throughout all this something bad was happening with me and I thought I was going to die. Now looking back I was just really scared and worried.  I finally after 2 years of pain I was finally diagnosed with irritable bowel syndrome - mal fructose absorption. This meant that certain foods including fruits and vegetables with high level of sugar gave me constant pain. 

I had nowhere to turn no one to go to until I was working and ran into desires mum Debra and she let me know about an event that Desiree was doing and to come and checkout best thing I ever did. I attended the meeting and from there booked an appointment and the magic started from there. Not only did I thrive to do my best to achieve what Desiree suggested but I also saw changes and great results.

I believe that in working with Desiree I feel as though I can definitely do anything I put my mind to. My health has tremendously improved in comparison to 3 months ago. I just want to thank Desiree for all she has done and will do for me. I am so greatly appreciative words cannot express the way she has changed my life for the better.”

Jessica Talbot – 22 years

"Working with Desiree over the past few months has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. Her guidance and advice has completely transformed my outlook on food and my body.  Desiree has helped me work towards having a less disordered relationship with food. She has taught me to truly understand the impact of my lifestyle choices on not just my appearance, but also my entire outlook on life. Along the way she has armed me practical tools and advice relevant to my situation at the time.
 I could not recommend undertaking this journey more!  Not only will you start to look and feel better, you will have all the tools and knowledge at hand to make it a life long transformation!"

Sarah Jordan  

"I met Desiree 9 months after having my thyroid removed.  I had suffered an underactive thyroid and it was removed pretty quickly.  I had some cancerous cells too.  Before my operation I was pretty fit and loved going to the gym first thing in the morning.  Even though I was tired and lethargic most of the time I done my best to get up and go.  After my operation I had no energy whatsoever (which is to be expected) but it got to a couple of months later and I was still trying to get my medication right. I was tired and depressed. I was seeing my GP and my endocrinologist regularly.  It wasn’t until after speaking to Desiree she suggested I go gluten free for a trail to see how I felt.  It was hard but after 3-4 weeks I realized I wasn’t as tired and as bloated as I had been feeling. I started doing my own research on gluten, what it does to the thyroid and the body.  I couldn’t believe my specialist never mentioned to me about my diet.  To be mindful of what I was putting in.  So I am now following a gluten free diet and I feel it is very beneficial to me.  Desiree is a very approachable and positive person who has really helped me open my eyes to doing my own research regarding my body and needs.  I could contact her anytime for help or guidance and she was always more than willing to assist me. She has definitely been my rock the past 12 weeks.  I would recommend anyone contemplating in helping themselves to contact Desiree. "

Cat Kenealey - Client Executive AON 

"My top three goals upon starting the 3-month program were, to gain more energy, improve my diet and exercise more. Although its only a 50 minute consultation every two weeks this was by far the most beneficial part of Desiree’s work as a health coach. I gained so much in these times and I well and truly looked forward to them every fortnight. It was a great way to help me achieve my goals as it meant I was left to use the tools that Desi had given me in the session to take on the next two weeks with. This way I didn’t depend on Desi every second of the day to tell me not to touch that bread because I know how I’ll feel after, but that I chose to talk myself down instead. I’d also receive a summary after every session, something I could always refer back to if I needed and Desi is always supportive via email especially when I was having panic moments!

The biggest tangible change I have noticed since beginning the program has been since beginning the programme I have definitely found I’m able to experiment more with food and cooking. Desi gave me so many clean recipes, guided me to buying the right products to aid my digestive system and over all. All these changes to my lifestyle have meant I’ve felt the best I have in 2 years. My bloating is almost none existent and I don’t crazy binge eat in small doses.

My change of mindset. It was something I thought was totally ridiculous to start. Really really ridiculous and impossible. That obviously wasn’t the case, in fact, changing my mind set was the ONLY was I could not eat those bad food or substances that would harm my body. My daily mantras and sayings kept me positive to conquer any kind of challenge in the day where I’d normally just let negative ones beat me down. When I first came to Desi I had no idea this was something I needed to change in order to change my lifestyle and yet here I am - still telling myself every day - “I’m making positive changes!!!’’.

Desi is the most inspiring, compassionate and caring coach! Her real life experiences and ability to understand so well is what makes it so easy to share this journey with her. Never once was I afraid to open up to Desi and she never judged or criticised me. She made every bit of guidance and advice suit me and my lifestyle. I’d highly recommend Desiree to anyone needing help to get their thoughts, diet, lifestyle in tact! The tools I have to conquer every day ups and downs will stay with me for life!


Alix Townsend - Manager, Hospitality Industry

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