The Wellness Warriors Hub is a membership platform designed to help women become the best version of themselves and champion wellness into their communities by transforming into wellness warriors who are fierce, brave, courageous and unapologetically their authentic best selves!


This is done through 4 easy core actionable steps each week, that focus on nourishing yourself, moving your body, nurturing your mind & expanding your knowledge! For a small fee each week, you will be provided with;

path to success

  1. + Recipe of the Week

  2. + Workout of the Week (10min at home workout by a fitness expert!)

  3. + Meditation of the Week (5-10min meditations by teachers!)

  4. + 40min MasterClass (expert interviews on gut, immunity, empowerment, sobriety, hormone, mindset, health or a class with me on various women's wellness topics!)


It is my vision to create a community and place where busy women from all walks of life can have a
to access good food, do-able workouts, some easy mindset tools & education from all areas of health and wellness!

So come on board and join a community of like-minded, supportive, empowered women who are choosing to take control back of their lives and THRIVE rather than just survive!

Let's embody wellness and transform into WARRIORS for our health, the health of our families and those around us! Your HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH!